How To Use McAfee Uninstall Tool?

McAfee antivirus provides you complete security from any kind of malwares. This is needed when you are accessing internet on your computer or mobile phone. Now the question arises what you have to do if you need to uninstall it. If you want to remove it completely from the device, then you have to download McAfee uninstall tool. This way of removal is better than the steps that you have to follow through a windows computer. This will provide you assurance that all the software related to antivirus is completely removed. When you use add/remove program, it may not get removed completely as some of the security registry entries might still remain in the windows registry and thus may create problems in installing other security product or in reinstalling or upgrading McAfee product.

McAfee Uninstall Tool

If you find you are unable to uninstall the antivirus by simple steps of windows, then it is advisable to opt for the method which uses McAfee uninstall tool. For using it first of all you have to download it from the website. You should go for this method only when you find that windows removal methods do not work. You must also ensure that you download a new copy before each use. When you download the new tool then that means it can identify the latest versions of the products present in McAfee virus protection software. After completing the steps of uninstallation you have to restart the device again.

Before starting the process involved in McAfee uninstall tool you have to make sure that you save all the open files and you have to close all the programs. The steps of uninstallation are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to download the tool. Then you double click MCPR.exe. At this step if you see any security warning then click yes and then continue or run.
  • When you are taken to McAfee software removal screen there you click on next then you click on agree to accept the end user license agreement.
  • In between if you feel that you are having problem in understanding the steps then call in McAfee help number and take help of our executives.
  • After you follow the above step you will find the security validation screen where you have to type the characters exactly shown in the screen and then click next. At last you will receive message of ‘removal complete’.

These steps will surely help in uninstalling the antivirus completely. Once you uninstall it you can reinstall it on some other device by simply following the steps of McAfee installation. Now if you want to protect the mobile device then you can’t install that on it rather you have to install McAfee mobile security software of the mobile device. At any situation you find any step difficult, be it installing the antivirus, or installing it on mobile device or even in the process of uninstalling it then our team is there to help you. The process of uninstallation could be completed properly only when McAfee uninstall tool is being used.

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